Commercial Grinch-proof Guide

Commercial Grinch-proof Guide

Since high rates of crime are present during the holidays it is more important than ever to follow through with preventative security measures. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to keep you and your business safe and secure throughout the holidays.

An alarm system wards off criminals. Make sure your security system signage looks new and is visible to let criminals know you are protected. Just the sight of an alarm system will send thieves in the other direction.

Test your alarm system. It’s easy: Get your password handy, set the alarm off, and then call our monitoring station (604-878-1245) to let them know you’re just testing the system.

Get GSM backup. GSM enables the system to function even if the line is cut or tampered with. Peace of mind is worth the extra $15-20 a month.

Include glass break sensors with your alarm system near windows and doors. You’ll save your windows and be alerted of a break-in. This is just one option; if you want to increase the security of your home there are many other add-ons to choose from as well.

Assign designated key holders. If for some reason you are unavailable, a designated key holder can take care of the problem.

Update call list. Just in case you cannot be reached, contact Aban Security to update your call list.

Lighting discourages criminal activity. Make sure your entire business – hallways and doors included – is lit up. Keep the lights on inside so that activity can be seen from the outside. Use motion detection lighting to monitor movement both inside and outside of your business as well. Criminals won’t stick around if they know the security system was triggered.

Be suspicious of special deliveries. Insist on seeing identification from sales, delivery and service people. Even if you are expecting an order be cautious.

Loiters or solicitors should be reported to building security even if you have seen them before.

Restrict entry with access control. To reduce employee theft, program access control cards, tags or fobs to restrict stock room access. This way, only those with permission can enter. Click here if you do not have access control integrated with your system.

Practice caution with seasonal employees. If you hire new staff just before the holidays, make sure their access cards only admit them into certain areas at certain hours.

Prepare employees to deal with robbery situations. Show all employees how to use the alarm system. Delegate one employee to call the police, one to make observations about the suspect, one to guard the on-scene evidence, and one to gather witnesses.

Make sure holiday decorations and displays do not interfere with your security system. Decorations are awesome, but not if they obstruct video cameras or set off motion sensors. Be cognisant, it would be a shame if gobs of tinsel or a Christmas tree were the reason the bad guy got away.

Never leave the reception area unattended. If for some reason you have to leave, lock the entrance door and hang a sign asking visitors to knock.

Keep an eye on the entrance. Make sure your shelving units and general floor plan allow a clear view of the front door from anywhere in the store.

Keep cash out of sight and don’t leave the cash register or money unattended. Obvious yes, but crucial!

Don’t have a lot of cash on hand. Take visits to the bank often – and go with another person if you can.Valuables should be locked up. If you can’t babysit your valuable goods, lock them up!

Security cameras are a must. If you have a security camera, test and position it properly. When security cameras are in open sight criminals are less likely to shoplift. Aside from deterring theft, security cameras also provide footage to identify the thief if an altercation occurs. Upgrade your security cameras to watch live footage on various mobile devices.

It’s a busy time of year and there are many other tasks to take care of, but make sure implementing some of these holiday security tips is at the top of your list! If you have any questions, inquiries or concerns feel free to contact us.

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