Alarm Monitoring Service

At Aban Security, we provide the Vancouver region with industry-leading alarm monitoring systems and services that utilize the latest technologies.

Vancouver Alarm Monitoring ServiceAn alarm monitoring service has one goal: to monitor your home or office and contact the proper authorities in the least possible time should your alarm sound for any reason. Remember, this goes well beyond somebody breaking into your premise. Most systems can also detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and other detection monitoring. It is a great idea to have an alarm monitoring service in Vancouver because they will keep an eye on your system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring Service:

  • This will minimize risk of burglary, either when home or away from home, and minimize the risk of damage due to break-ins.
  • When it comes to serving customers in the Greater Vancouver area efficiently, our local ULC monitoring station makes all the difference.

Our local monitoring station is equipped with state of the art technology in order to provide a fast and efficient response to alarms. Additionally, we provide many new services and options for alarm monitoring services and security alarm systems.

  • You can now get text or email anytime your system is armed or disarmed, or is tripped.
  • You can view cameras from your cell phone anytime there is movement.
  • You can monitor via landline, internet or a cellular device added to your alarm system.
  • You can also monitor your energy management such as HVAC and lights, etc.

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