Data Networking Services

Home networking is becoming more popular every day.

Vancouver Structured Cabling ServicesHaving more than one computer in your home is becoming as common as multiple televisions. With the amount of people working from home, as well as the amount of information on the internet students use in school, this is a must.

This is as easy as running a single Cat5E cable to each room of your house and having a router back at your communication’s head end.

We know that your infrastructure has to efficiently support the latest technologies. The foundation for this infrastructure begins with the installation of a robust and adaptable structured cabling system.

The internet is now available at high speed to all homes and businesses, but users won’t be able to take full advantage of it if their wiring is inadequate. One high-capacity technology now being offered by local phone companies is DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). And cable modems are being offered by cable TV companies that bring in the internet on the same coaxial cable carrying the TV signals.

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