GSM Backup

Since most monitored systems use a regular phone line for the purpose of communicating with the monitoring station, monitored alarm systems can be interrupted by someone cutting the telephone wires before entering the premises. If your phone line is cut, our station will not receive a signal from your system.

Aban uses the most popular method today – GSM radio technology – as the main or back-up communication method. When you have a backup system, you are protected even if the phone line is cut.

If the phone line gets cut, the alarm system will still communicate wirelessly with the monitoring station, via a cellular network. A monitored alarm system can have an audible delay, to give the monitoring station time to notify the police in the anticipation of catching the criminals on the premises.

GSM backup infographic

Benefits of GSM Backup systems:

  • Additional protection
  • If the line is cut, an alert is still sent to the monitoring station
  • Safety in all situations

It is important to remember that all businesses and homes are unique and will require different security measures. We encourage you to discuss your options with us.

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